Established in 1963

Pedrali is an Italian furniture manufacturer founded in 1963 that develops durable and contemporary solutions for public spaces, office and home. The collection consists of chairs, stools, tables, lamps and accessories made by processing different materials such as plastic, metal and wood. A 100% made in Italy production that is manufactured exclusively inside its own production facilities in Bergamo and Udine through a design process which includes tradition and innovation, engineering excellence and creative brilliance.

Flagship of the Italian entrepreneurial network, Pedrali celebrated its golden jubilee in the year 2013.

Pedrali Factory
Pedrali Furniture

Research and development

The research and development department studies the best technological solutions for the realization of high-quality, safe and durable products through an accurate planning and analysis of raw materials and processes taking into account the environmental conservation. Pedrali’s R&D team includes draftsmen with an experience and knowledge background developed in the fieldwork, who work together with international designers to realize innovative products, such as Frida. The chair, designed by Odo Fioravanti, won the XXII Compasso d’Oro ADI Award in July 2011.

Pedrali means reliability

Pedrali means reliability, Made in Italy, innovation, but also responsible management of resources aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the production process at every stage: from the birth of the product, through its applications, until the end of its life.

As evidence of the efforts made in this direction, Pedrali has obtained the FSC™C114358 Chain of Custody certification, which guarantees the origin of the raw material from forests managed correctly and with responsibility, according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. This means that Pedrali for its production has chosen to use raw material from certified forests, in full respect of the territory.

Pedrali Chairs