From the cigar box to the private library

In the field of private libraries with technically perfect integration of media, the name “Paschen” is a synonym for high-class manufacture quality of system furniture. This was not always the case: with the founder Carl, “Paschen” firstly started in 1883 in Hamburg with the production of cigar boxes, and little by little, throughout many development stages, developed today’s position in the sector of furniture. Two wars, the global economic crisis, the relocation to Wadersloh in Westphalia and many other social, technical and sectoral changes came along with the 125 years of company history of “Paschen & Companie”. The leitmotif of the family business, which now is led by the fifth generation, always was, despite any external influence, to preserve its readiness for action for the company, to maintain its roots in the field of handcraft, and to adapt itself to time. The great life-performance of Günter Paschen (to focus on the library and recognise it as a marketable segment) is further on expanded by today’s management. When today’s management of Jan and Christian Paschen is looking on a company with 200 employees, eight well-established library ranges and a multiplicity of plans for the future, this entrepreneurial spirit is also perceived in today’s brand “Paschen Bibliotheken”, and is expressed not least through the company’s ethos that has been drafted for the millennium: “An excellent company – appreciated and respected; esteemed by public customers and the employees. In great demand and known for its good, meaningful products and services. A company, distinguished by progress and innovation. In which employees can hold down their job light-hearted and with pleasure; who form their job and are proud of their company and its products.”

brothers Jan and Christian Paschen
Living With Books

Quality first and foremost

At Paschen, all members of staff, ranging from the managing director right down to the trainee, are all bound to a strict policy of quality. Their philosophy always revolves around the concept of "Quality first and foremost". This maxim certainly applies to their products - but it is equally true of their service, and their communication channels and the quality of the workplace. For all these reasons, Paschen is even prepared to forgo an order if the circumstances surrounding it would not allow the highest quality standards to be achieved. As accommodating as they are at Paschen, they can be just as uncompromising and rigid when it comes to the quality of their products. Their clients are grateful to them for this commitment.

"Paschen" in every product

Paschen library invest a huge amount of love, passion and, above all, a great deal of thought into every product. As is always the case with everything, when it comes to building libraries the devil is also in the detail. And this demon has to be regularly exorcised! Paschen take care of the little things at the outset so that they cannot cause any trouble later on. Therefore not one single piece of furniture leaves our workshops in Wadersloh that has not been meticulously thought out from start to finish and then accordingly constructed to perfection. That is the reason why they at Paschen are so proud of their products and their manufacturing system.

Passion in every product