A Middle Eastern Promise

Mobica is currently the largest office furniture and interior/exterior systems manufacturer in the Middle East with 2400 employees. They seek to achieve new levels of creativity and foster the ideals of productivity, economy, and beauty. As a token to their commitment to fulfilling this vision they have established the Mobica+ brand with a revolutionary business model that is dedicated to delivering the office of tomorrow today.

The (+) sign symbolises the company's conviction that there is always more to be achieved, explored, and improved, while their minimalist, yet sophisticated approach is best summarised by their motto: Think Simple ... Think Plus.

Mobica Plus

Innovation + Simple Design

Mobica+ has the vision to become a major global player in the furniture industry and setting a new benchmark in the field through focus on innovative, simple design, creating new product categories, and adopting fresh marketing and sales approaches that challenge and overturn stagnant conventional wisdom.

Mobica Plus Designers