MDD the company

It is well known that only right and proper conditions can promote significant creations, development and expansion. While designing their products, MDD think about the needs of clients and constantly changing market expectations. MDD Furniture is characterised by top-class technology, superb quality and contemporary design, boasting a large diversity of modern ergonomic products. MDD are one of the Europe’s leading producers of the reception furniture.

Corporate Values

MDD provides new office design and architectural solutions, using beauty in a functional way. Their ethos is simply that, as we spend most of our day in the office, it is important for us to feel comfortable there. MDD focus on solutions which let you work efficiently and in a pleasant environment. By constantly improving their furniture, users work will ultimately improve as a reflection of positive surroundings.

A Mission of Design and Desire

In MDD world design is unlimited, elegant and desirable, whilst also being sensible and functional. MDD co-operate with the most reputable interior designers and architects from Poland and abroad.

The awards bestowed upon MDD confirm that their products are always a contemporary choice, perfectly linking shapes and functionality.