Innovative Italian design

Based in Manova with factories in Gazzuolo (Italy), Manerba S.P.A. Furniture has been producing innovative solutions for the office environment for over 40 years.

Manerba’s mission is to guarantee quality solutions for all modern workspaces, in perfect harmony with the technologies, and also the scents, the colours and the contemporary design. Its office solutions are always devised with an eye for innovation, functionality, ergonomics and executive quality.

Constant research

Manerba is constantly researching new materials and solutions, leading to a constant renewal of its production according to time changes and project requirements when customising a product for a specific client.

Sustainability and quality

Manerba pays attention to the aspects of recycling of materials in addition to the main eco-design concepts. Awareness on the question of sustainability means constant commitment for Manerba throughout the firm’s organisation chain, from product conception to research and development, production, logistics, after-sales service and communication.

The UNI-EN ISO 14001 certification guarantees an effective check of the environment aspects related to the entire Manerba’s activity. Nevertheless, Manerba is also certified in terms of its high level of quality. THE ISO 9001 certificate guarantees efficiency of the organisation and production as well as customers’ care.