Eugenio Perazza, Magis founder

In 1976, Eugenio Perazza founded the company Magis with its headquarters in Motto di Livenza, close to Venice. For Magis the differences in languages and styles of the international designers with whom they collaborate are what partly shape their great collections.

Another determining factor for their excellent products is the freedom, autonomy and independence that they allow their designers when creating for them. Nevertheless, Magis founder, Eugenio Perazza, is always involved in the development process of the products.

Magis Design founder, Eugenio Perazza
Magis Showroom

A distinctive manufacturer

In contradiction to other Italian furniture brands, Magis does not belong to the traditional Italian companies of the 50s and 60s which were founders and formers of Italian Design. Nevertheless, Magis follows that same traditions, keeping it always in mind and since 1976, it cuts down its own, distinctive way.

Thereby, Magis focuses most on the materials plastic and metal with which they continuously release new and innovative products.

Magis success

Within Magis Design portfolio there are successful furniture pieces created by renowned designers such as Al Bombo by Stefano Giovannoni (1997), the chair and arm chair Air (2003) by Jasper Morrison and chair Aida by Richard Sapper (2002), just to mention a few.

Magis seating: Aida, Air and Al Bombo