The Loook Industry Story

After experiencing too much f***ing noise. Too many interruptions. So many distractions. So little comfort. Trying to do good work can suck and forget about taking a relaxing break.

In 2009. Two young designers sat in a noisy lounge, struggling to discuss the latest design trends. The surrounding buzz turned their disscussion to the mounting pressures of modern life: the noise, the distractions, the inability to concentrate, the difficulty of conducting conversations, the “always-on” culture of mobile lifestyles.

In the moment of inspiration, Ivar Gestranius and Kevin Lahtinen started sketching out ideas for furniture that could help distracted people find privacy in busy places.

Today, going beyond privacy, Loook also brings new innovative design ideas that encourage interaction and collaboration. Through their thoughtful designs, Loook adds creative new ways for employees to work, both on their own and in teams. Loook also transforms public spaces to make them more appealing, useful, and loved.

Be Creative - think inside the box
Loook Furniture

Design Philosophy

Thrive well everywhere

Loook uses design to expand the range of possibilities for people who need to get work done, or to take a relaxing break, both in the office and while on the move. From discrete private spaces for individuals, to cozy social spaces for groups, they give modern work places and public spaces the advantages of home. Loook uses a global design language that blends the natural woods, eco-friendly materials, and crafted durability of their Nordic design heritage, with the universal emotional triggers of dynamic shapes and beautiful textures.

Why Loook design works:

Approachable - Loook furniture is friendly. People are naturally drawn to our shapes, colors, and textures.

Practical - Loook furniture is useful. It serves the purpose, from shielding noise and distraction, to encouraging fruitful conversations.

Comfortable - Loook furniture is cozy. It relaxes people, allowing them to be themselves, to focus on tasks, and to open up to others.

Inspiring - Loook furniture sparks imagination. Our designs give people the space to do their best whatever their needs and desires, wherever they find themselves.


Sustainability is a very important matter for Loook Industries. It is our responsibility to care for our planet and its people. When working with sustainable development they take both ecological and social development into consideration.

They aim to develop products with a long life cycle and to use high quality materials that are recyclable and renewable whenever possible. Loook always consider the impact of their work on the environment through design, delivery and product lifecycle. They are striving to minimize any impact on the environment through constant improvements and by putting strict requirements on their suppliers and themselves

Bulldog Armchair by Loook