Sweden's Glass Act 1983

Lintex was established in Sweden in 1983 by Carl Af Ekenstam. It now holds a leading position in the Scandinavian market for visual communications and creative screening off for office, educational and public spaces, in cooperation with leading architects and interior designers.

The company is family-owned and based in Nybro (the heart of Sweden’s glass-making district), where the production and development takes place at the production site which covers 10,000 m2. Lintex Nordic Group shall achieve a leading position in the Nordic market in manufacturing and offering presentation products

Environmental Lintex

Today, companies are rightly judged by their ecological, social and economic approach. Lintex does not see its responsibilities as a duty forced upon the company, but rather as an aspect of design which has always been a part of the company’s industrial culture. For Lintex, it is self-evident that products have added value when production, utilisation and recycling do not harm the environment. For Lintex, the manufacture of sustainable products means intensive pre-production development, where the best materials are selected and tests are carried out to simulate many years of use. They always taking recycling and environment into consideration in the development process.