Who we are

Founded in1971, Levira assumed a sustainable growth policy investing in a sophisticated technological facility, in the creation of infrastructures for environmental protection and specialization of its human resources. Settled in Aveiro region, in Portugal, Levira’ plant has 22.000m² of covered area in use and a production capacity for 553.000 unis/ year (workstations, shelves, cabinets, chairs and sofas) Levira employs around 180 workers manufacturing steel plate, stainless steel, laminates and melamine. The focus on design and quality are factors which set as a reference in national and international markets. Levira has a commitment: 5 year warranty for all their products

Levira production facility
Levira factory

Design Philosophy

Levira favors design, detail and functionality. Their product range reflects the constant search for balance between beauty and function.

Levira provides a flexible, adaptable and complete range of solutions meeting all market needs. They are specialists in the development and design of customized products.

Guided by international standards and quality criteria, Levira solutions are present in several markets around the world integrated and in harmony with the ideal of workspace concept of different cultures and countries worldwide”.