Established in 1940

Lammhults has grown from a regional workshop in the 1940s into an internationally renowned and profitable furniture company. Over the years, Lammhults has introduced furniture designs that are recognised as living classics. Today, some of Lammhults earliest products are still in production and are frequently used in current interior specifications.

Lammhults Factory
Lammhults Furniture

Within the factory walls

Within these factory walls, one hundred or so local craftspeople ply the trade of their birthright, bringing Lammhults products to life. Furniture making is an inherited skill in these parts and Lammhults proudly points to the successive generations of workers they employ. Lammhults dedication to quality is further demonstrated by their heavy investment in the tooling required to reproduce their famous designs in mass. While costly, this use of tooling ensures protection against copies, while also ensuring that labour costs remain a more manageable component of final product costs.

The Lammhults commitment has always been to the best designs using the best materials in the most modern and efficient way. Lammhults will always be modern, their design always essential.

The source of Lammhults furniture

To find the source of Lammhults highly-respected quality, you need only travel 450 kilometers south of Stockholm to the village of Lammhult, in the heart of Sweden’s “kingdom of furniture”. There you will find the Lammhults factory, a modern 10,000 square meter facility that also houses the senior management, staff and operations centre, along with a showroom display of every Lammhults product.

Lammhults Yarn