Turkish Delight

Koleksiyon, combining design, technology, technical quality and competent craftmanship is one of the leading furniture companies in Turkey with a distinctive tradition of design for 40 years.

Designer Faruk Malhan founded Koleksiyon in a small metal workshop at the OSTIM Industrial Estate in Ankara. With an annual production capacity of 400,000 m2 of wooden furniture and 54, 000 pieces of upholstered furniture Koleksiyon now manufactures for cultural and business centres, accommodation and recreational facilities, offices and homes.


Company Profile

Koleksiyon's designs are based on a profound knowledge of culture, history and geography. Its solutions reclaim the past that we know, its colours, sounds and shapes, and point to the future we do not.

The aim is always to pursue excellence, to hold true to certain values. Koleksiyon knows that there is always a line that runs from the past to the future, that as well as local cultures and ideals, there are eternal and universal values that we all share and that what is essential is understanding the art and craft tied up with a particular time and place.