Howe wants to influence people all over the world. To have a positive impact on the way they live, work, learn and communicate.

Ultimately, Howe wants to create freedom from restrictions, which in turn, creates the conditions for freedom of thought. To achieve this freedom Howe’s mission is to develop, produce and sell dynamic furniture with an international profile and appeal.


At Howe, the design philosophy is rooted in the Bauhaus tradition of combining design, simplicity, quality and functionality. Following this, Howe furniture solutions are always exceptional in folding or stacking, freeing up space for using a room in many different ways.

From Howe’s perspective, every room should support and facilitate the ability to think and act freely. While functionality and versatility are fundamental, this manufacturer also devotes considerable efforts to creating furniture which will easily blend into any interior design and décor, and thereby enhance the overall architecture and visual ambience.

From a green perspective, space-saving and multi-functional furniture means that the same piece of furniture can be used in a variety of situations. Consequently, fewer pieces of furniture are required. Moreover, it is just as important that Howe designs durable furniture with a low ‘total cost of ownership', because this means less waste and hence less consumption of natural resources.


One of HOWE's strengths is that, its employees have different attitudes, standards and values. Together, its employees make HOWE a workplace where there is room for diversity and development. These values are far more than just noble ideas. They constitute the core of Howe’s comprehensive and value-based management programme. The aim is to create responsible and dedicated team workers with a clear sense of perspective and a unique surplus of energy which makes business a pleasure.