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  • Albini Mini Desk

    Albini Office Desk

    Albini Mini Glass Desk is minmalist designer home office desk solution.

  • Compas Direction Table

    Compas Direction Desk

    Compas Direction was designed by Jean Prouve - a rectangular solid oakwood top table.

  • M10 Office Desks

    M10 Office Desks

    M10 Desk's minimalist lines were designed to optimise space and activity within the office.

  • Beacon Desk - open drawers

    Beacon Desk

    Beacon Desk is handmade in Ash, or Black Walnut with contrasting Ash, and features soft-close drawers.

  • Overtime Desk

    Overtime Desk

    Overtime Desk is a slim and lightweight wooden computer desk with space for cable concealment.

  • Home Desk by George Nelson

    Home Desk

    Home Desk was designed by George Nelson in 1958 and is an ideal single workstation.

  • SideSeat and Desk

    SideSeat and Desk

    SideSeat is a self-contained desk, cupboard and chair in one. Ideal for home office or training purposes.

  • Nomado Acoustic Dividers by Mobica Plus

    Nomado Mobile Desk

    Nomado Office Workstations offer mobile hotdesking, lighting, acoustic sound absorption and magnetic whiteboard.

  • M2 Desk Workstation

    M2 Desk Workstation

    M2 Workstation is an office desk designed to be compact whilst offering unlimited leg room.

Items 1 to 9 of 26 total View All

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