A family owned company

Holmris Office A/S is a family owned company, and through 3 generations Holmris has supplied the Danish living-and project market with premium-quality furniture. Since 1994 we have specialized in manufacturing office furniture and are now amongst the most innovative Danish companies within the furniture industry. We constantly focus on ergonomics; functionality and design trends, and our furniture meet today´s requirements of modern sort after quality furniture.

Holmris Furniture

ISO Certification - Environment

It is with great pride that Holmris Office can announce to be an “eco-friendly company”. They have formulated objectives and plans of action to reduce exposure in every part of the company, and was ISO 14001 certified in 2009.

Being an eco-friendly company means implementing a “green line” with an ongoing focus on exposure, consumption, emissions and waste. Additionally we will each year draw up a plan of action to reduce these. Employees are also required to be environmentally conscious and act according to these plans of action.

An ISO Certificate is a trustworthy signal to the outside world, that we take environmental management serious.

Quality Control

The objective of a Danish Furniture Maker´s Quality Control is to work on maintaining the high-quality expected in Danish furniture. This objective is secured through high demands on materials, production methods, products and factory control visits. Furniture with the patented Danish Furniture Makers´ Quality Control labels is a sign of impeccable quality.

Holmris Office A/S produces office furniture which meets all these high requirements with regard to materials, production methods and to its stability, strength and durability.