High Density Storage

Office space is expensive, so any way to maximise your square footage is going to be advantageous.

Après Furniture’s extensive range of High Density Rolling Storage will help you get the most out of your existing office space. We are able to offer the highest quality heavy duty shelving, mobile shelving and mobile storage systems, as well as high density racks, rolling file systems and office filing cabinets with side opening tambour doors.

Our high density mobile storage system ranges are ideal for libraries, universities, and any business or institution requiring heavy duty shelving that is movable and provides maximum efficiency within a smaller footprint when compared to traditional static shelving.

For example, the Bisley InnerSpace Mobile Shelving increases storage capacity for archiving in half the floor space. An anti-tilt mechanism between track and the mobile unit removes any need for permanent fixings either to the walls or floors. Whilst most rolling file systems are installed using permanent fixings, InnerSpace Storage can be removed and rebuilt easily, proving to be an exceptionally adaptable and movable yet heavy duty solution.

With safety in mind, Eclipse High Density Rolling Storage features an in-aisle safety system which stops carriage movement instantly and automatically when a person enters a moving aisle, and also prevents movement if a person or object is detected in an open aisle.

Filing cabinets with vertical or side opening tambour doors save space in the office, whilst all of our High Density Rolling Storage cabinets come with the latest in secure locking technology.

A wide range of cupboard fitments such as pigeon holes and wardrobe sections are also available depending on the model you select, making Après Furniture’s handpicked selection of High Density Rolling Storage units the most versatile and robust on the market.

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  • M:Line Office Cupboards

    M:Line Cupboards

    M:Line Cupboards comprise a series of versatile and neutral cabinets for filing and storage.

  • Kontrax Cupboards in various sizes

    Kontrax Cupboards

    Kontrax Cupboards are the cost-effective solution for filing and office storage.

  • M:Line Side Tambour Cupboards Sizes

    M:Line Side Tambour Cupboards

    Available in a variety of colours, M:Line Side Tambour Cupboards will easily match in your office.

  • Vertical Tambour Office Cupboards

    Vertical Tambour

    Vertical Tambour cupboard is a secure office storage solution available in two sizes.

  • InnerSpace Mobile Shelving

    InnerSpace Mobile Shelving

    InnerSpace Storage is a high-density filing and archiving system designed for front office whilst taking up less space.

  • Bisley Steel Shelving Systems

    Economy Shelving

    Static Shelving can be customised to suit your space requirements exactly. Extendable office racking.

  • A4 EuroTambour Cupboards with Sliding Doors

    A4 EuroTambour Cupboards

    Eurotambours are cupboards designed specifically to be filled with European format files. Optimum A4 filing.

  • KRS Office Storage Cabinets from Bulo

    KRS Storage Cabinets

    KRS Office Storage Cabinets feature solid tambour doors and secure keyless entry.

11 Item(s)