A phone booth factory

Based in Tampere, Finland, Framery is an entrepreneur-driven company which specialises in the manufacture of phone booths.

For Framery founders, Samu Hällfors and Vesa-Matti Marjamäki whom established the company in 2012, entrepreneurship stands for: Responsibility and freedom of own decisions; Trust on their knowledge and the ability to find new information; Limited resources, every work task needs to have a reason; Rewarding on great performance; Long tempered working and questioning their own ideas.

Apart from CEO, Samu Hällfors also assumes the responsibility of head of design of the company's products.

Framery phone booth factory
Framery CEO and Head of Design

Naive and young design

Samu Hällfors is a young and innovative Finnish designer, who aims at efficiently combining a pleasant and peaceful appearance with the best technical functionality. Samu is specialise in the design of phone booths, acoustic solutions, and thin, soundproofing space dividers.

Following Samu the appearance of Framery's products reflects the brand of the entire company, a bit naive and young, which highlights learning and continuous development.

Phone booths' features

Framery’s phone booths are a great solution for open-plan offices as they provide employees with an isolated private area which is ideal to carry on an uninterrupted work.

Following the Framery’s owners and founders their phone booth solutions are best characterise for the sound insulation and acoustic features allied to a great design.

Framery acoustic phone booths

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