Educational Furniture

At Après Furniture we recognise the need for high quality educational furniture. In today’s modern classroom, furniture simply has to be durable and built to last, as well as often serving more than one purpose.

We supply a wide range of contemporary school furniture including school chairs, school desks and lecterns.

Our selection of classroom chairs have been carefully chosen to ensure they provide ergonomic classroom seating throughout the day. For example, the Ray Chair from designer Hans Thyge, was created to solve the problem of traditional school seating.

With the help of Cork Institute of Technology conducting comparative experiments with traditional classroom seating, Thyge focused on the seat pan and how it interacts with the body. Research had demonstrated that sitting at a right angle encouraged inferior back alignment, led to weakening of the core muscles and could even result in long term ailments. Ray Chair allows students to sit much more effectively and healthily, with an open angle between thighs and torso and with hip abduction. This allows the pelvis to rotate forward until the spine is neutrally balanced, supporting the upper body - a great advancement in educational furniture.

Working only with Europe’s leading furniture manufacturers means that we can provide you with the latest in educational furniture and school desk design. We supply stackable school desks and school tables in different shapes like rectangular, square, trapezoidal and circular tabletops, allowing a wide range of configurations for various applications.

Innovative educational furniture like Screenbox Computer Desks are ideal for colleges, libraries, universities, and training environments. Screenbox is a dual purpose computer desk that integrates a LCD flatscreen computer into the desktop design.

Furthermore, our range of modern lecterns are ideal for schools, training, college and training environments, providing a mobile multifunctional furniture solution that can serve as a projector stand, flipchart stand, catering trolley or multimedia station depending on the model chosen.