21st Century classics

Design entrepreneurs Dan Ziglam and Eliot Brook shared a simple vision; to create an internationally respected design brand and to be recognised for developing a cutting edge collection of 21st century design classics. In 2004, Ziglam and Brook established Deadgood.

The Deadgood family

Over the years, the Deadgood family has grown to feature a host of exceptionally talented designers including Lee Broom, Max Lamb, David Irwin, Viable London, Vicki Leach, Nick Rawcliffe, Daniel Schofield and Craig Jones Design. A highly decorated creative team with awards and accolades flying left, right and centre. If you believe the hype then you'll know that these creatives are at the vanguard of the design scene in the UK.

The Deadgood family is kept well oiled by a team of photographers, branding gurus, logistics specialists, number crunchers, delivery drivers, a Deadgood chairman and the odd intern working out of the offices in London and Newcastle upon Tyne. This dedicated team also includes a highly skilled network of British craftspeople who consistently produce a high quality collection of products, made to client's exact specifications, on time and within budgets. The beating heart of the company ethos is the word ‘collaboration’.

Modern British furniture

Deadgood is an independent company who have built a reputation for designing and distributing modern British furniture and lightning to cutting edge commercial environments within the hotel, hospitality, education and office sectors.

Deadgood’s mission is to continue refining their collection in order to develop the very best furniture brand of this generation, creating ‘Products with Personality’, and to continue supporting British design along the way.

Deadgood Designers