Custom Trophy Cabinet Project

Golden Tree

We at Aprés recently made this customised trophy cabinet unit which was designed for a Financial Institution's office in The Shard, London (pictured).

The cabinet was constructed using high quality white Corian® for the base, with two angled canopies rising up and overarching to continue the smooth curvaceous appearance. The specially produced curved canopies of the trophy cabinet housed the all-important display shelving. The transparent shelves were made with UV bonded clear toughened glass supported by UV bonded blocks. The material allows light to pass through, adding a sense of space, as well as providing the ideal platform to exhibit the client's awards.

We fitted bright white LED lighting that produced an impressive illuminated display, perfectly complementing the other materials. The result is a modern custom made display cabinet which is, unavoidably, a statement piece; a cynosure of design.

Custom Display Unit

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