COR's Craftsmanship

Aesthetics, purism and the highest finishing quality: furniture from COR has its own, unmistakable lines. We lend stature ­to this principle. It lives in every piece of furniture, wherever ­people appreciate beauty, comfort and functionality. Its secret the combi­nation of a willingness to innovate and traditional crafts­manship. Our designers and employees create values in a forward looking design, free of trends and fashions.

COR Furniture Factory

COR's Inner Values

COR demand the highest possible quality for all materials. Everything goes under the microscope including their suppliers. Renowned tanneries, mills and printers supply them only with their very best products. Leather, wool, cotton fabrics and synthetic fibres. They prefer wood from local forests and for the metal they only select the best available materials, too. You can sense it the moment you sit down.

Cor Designers