Who is CBS

Headquartered in London Bridge, Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS) is an international designer, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of award-winning ergonomic IT products. CBS believes passionately in design, focusing on creating products that integrate people with technology to increase user comfort, performance, and efficiency to improve ergonomics in the workplace. These environments include office, home, financial, retail, healthcare, and control rooms.

CBS’s work improves office ergonomics through developing a range of market leading monitor arms suitable for single or multiple monitor use, including the award-winning Flo and Wishbone monitor arms. Combining these solutions with the CPU holders and the cable management systems, CBS creates a truly ergonomic workstation.

As technology continues to develop, CBS has also developed new solutions to meet new challenges, including the development of an iPad holder and Laptop. And also supplies the AV/VC marketplace with a range of AV stands.

Design philosophy

Since its founding in 1990, that CBS has designed and manufactured a range of innovative and elegant solutions that create space and ergonomic comfort for people in a wide range of workplaces.

Born from a collaboration of architects and designers, CBS was created to develop groundbreaking ergonomic products that effortlessly combine sleek aesthetics with core functionality. As technology develops at an ever increasing rate, so do the opportunities to create stylish products to make that technology more meaningful to people's lives.

Inspired by people and their interaction with others and the workplace; CBS likes to give human and organic names to its products and will continue to be inspired for years to come!

Cradle to cradle

From the outset of its thinking, CBS adopts a cradle to cradle approach to design new products and considers the logistical implications of the already created products. At the crux of this approach, to environmental sustainability, CBS’s philosophy is to do more with less, for longer.

To ensure its products attain the highest sustainable credentials CBS marks, where physically possible, all the component parts with material constituents so that they can be correctly and efficiently recycled. To help facilitate this process CBS ensures its products can be quickly and easily disassembled using hand tools into their recyclable component parts.

Accordingly, CBS’s flagship monitor arm - Flo - has achieved Cradle to Cradle SM Silver Certification and the full range of products positively contributes to a building achieving LEED certification.