Cafe Tables

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  • Use Me Tables

    Use Me Table

    Use Me Table with tilt and folding table top cater for both agile working and multi-functional environments.

  • BuzziPicNic Table

    BuzziPicNic Table

    BuzziPicNic is the first indoor picnic table designed for modern offices, providing an informal third space.

  • Java Cafe Table

    Java Cafe Table

    Java Cafe Table is a contemporary breakout table for casual dining areas and bars.

  • Usu Folding Table

    Usu Folding Table

    Usu Table folds for storage and features a retrofittable chair hanger system, electrification and modesty panel.

  • Unit Table Range

    Unit Table Range

    Unit Table Range is a family of products with tables in 5 different heights, multiple frames and table tops.

  • Roots Table by AROUNDtheTREE

    Roots Cafe Table

    Roots Cafe Table by Alexandre Caldas has a square tripodal wooden tabletop finished with natural oils.

  • Eyes Coffee and Side Tables

    EJ 3T Eyes Table

    The EJ 3T Eyes Tables come in two different sizes and heights and can be varied endlessly.

  • Insula Base Table Erik Joergensen

    Insula Base Table

    Insula Base Table top is manufactured using a brand new silk soft laminate, based on nanotechnology.

  • Tonic Wood Cafe Table

    Tonic Tables

    Tonic Tables are the perfect complement for the Tonic Seating Range.

  • Edward Table from Apres

    Edward Table

    Edward Dining Table is available in rectangular or square shapes and in different dimensions.

  • Ciak Table Folding

    Ciak Table

    Ciak Cafe Table is an extremely handy solution which suits both indoors and outdoors.

  • Charlie Table by Alma Design

    Charlie Table by Alma Design

    Charlie Table with squared or rectangular table tops that are available in laminate and melamine finishes.

  • Bonnie and Clyde Tables

    Bonnie and Clyde Tables

    Bonnie and Clyde are available as a coffee table, as a side table and as a trolley.

  • Bob Coffee Tables by Apres

    Bob Coffee Tables

    Bob Coffee Table top available in acid-etched glass or in plywood which can be veneered or laminated.

  • Arkitek Breakout Tables

    Arkitek Breakout Tables

    Arkitek Breakout Tables for dining, cafes, bistro or office canteens as well as informal meeting areas.

  • Ono Break Table

    Ono Break Tables

    With 17 models in the Ono Break range you'll find the right solution for your breakout area.

  • Pond L842 Table Trolley

    Pond L842 Table Trolley

    Pond Table L842 is a trolley and coffee table in one, with castor wheels and handle integrated into the design.

  • Daywalker Side Table from Loook

    Daywalker Tables

    Daywalker Coffee Tables are modern side tables for office breakout, lounge and reception areas. Available in various colours.

  • David Fox Zeus Table Range

    David Fox Zeus Tables

    Zeus Coffee Table and Zeus Dining Table by British designer David Fox for office breakout areas.

  • Swoosh Tables

    Swoosh Breakout Tables

    Swoosh Breakout Tables consist of coffee, dining and poseur tables. Swoosh Seating also available for the office.

  • Retro Breakout Tables

    Retro Breakout Tables

    Retro Dining Tables with choice of MDF and plastic tops. Solid beech legs or 4-star steel base. 100% recyclable.

  • David Fox Halo Table Range

    David Fox Halo Tables

    Halo Tables by David Fox include poser tables, dining tables and coffee tables.

  • Connection Gloss Tables Range

    Connection Gloss Tables

    Gloss Tables by David Fox include poser tables, dining tables and coffee tables.

  • Emma Dining Table

    Emma Table

    Emma Dining Table is available in medium and large with solid oak or beech legs. Complemented by Emma Wooden Chair.

  • Drop Square Cafe Tables

    Drop Cafe Tables

    Drop Table is suitable for outdoor use. A stackable cafe table to complement Drop Chair.

  • Ping-Pong Bar Table L23

    Ping-Pong Bar Table L23

    Ping Pong High Bar Table is part of a series of modern designer furniture by Johan Lindau.

  • Dundra Table L74

    Dundra Table L74

    Dundra Wooden Coffee Table is a modern solution for office breakout areas, receptions and waiting rooms.

  • Bistro Cafe Tables

    Bistro Cafe Table

    Bistro Cafe Table is a glamorous solution which suits both interior and exterior areas.

  • Alghi Round Cafe Table

    Alghi Cafe Table

    Alghi Cafe Tables are available in different dimensions, either in square or round format.

  • Salt and Pepper Table

    Salt and Pepper Table

    Salt and Pepper Table features an extension in honeycomb aluminium with a thickness of 8 mm.

  • Diabolo Breakout Tables

    Diabolo Table

    Diabolo Column Tables are a range with sizes suitable for dining, bar or coffee shops.

  • Jonty Cafe and Dining Tables

    Jonty Table

    Jonty Tables, made of natural solid beech wood, look great in cafes, dining rooms and breakout areas.

  • Theo Breakout Table by Simon Pengelly

    Theo Tables

    Theo Table is a wooden table for breakout and informal meeting areas, home dining rooms and canteens.

  • Blend Table

    Blend Table

    Blend Table is a light dining table designed by Hee Welling. Various sizes and finishes are available.

  • Hoc Standing Table and Hoc Stools

    Hoc Standing Table

    Hoc Standing Table for office break out areas was awarded iF product design award 2013.

  • Cork Breakout Table

    Cork Tables

    Cork Tables are beautifully finished using laminated cork which is scratch resistant and insulating.

  • Acorn Dining Table

    Acorn Dining Table

    Acorn Dining Table is hand made from solid hardwood. Suitable for seating up to six people.

  • BA Table

    BA Table

    The BA Table system was designed to complement BA3 chairs of the same style and materials.

  • Gazelle Table

    Gazelle Table

    Gazelle Table is an elegant match to the Antelope Chair using the same steel rod frame and ball feet.

  • Propeller Tables

    Propeller Table

    Propeller Tables have a slim base which increases leg room and provide extra seating comfort.

  • Nobis Dining Table

    Nobis Table

    Nobis Tables have rounded edges that provide an elegant look to breakout areas, offices and lounges.

  • Cornflake Conference Table

    Cornflake Table

    Cornflake Table are square, rectangular or round tabletops in white laminate/white pigmented oak laminate.

  • Bond Small Tables

    Bond Tables Range

    Bond Small Tables are versatile; suitable for office, reception, waiting, cafe and dining areas.

  • TEC Table in cedar

    TEC Dining Table

    TEC Dining Table is modular and expandable; a great choice for breakout areas, canteens or cafes.

  • Bistro Table

    Bistro Table

    Bistro Table is a discreet design; an indoor or outdoor breakout table by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

  • Vitra Contract Table

    Contract Table

    Contract Table is a white, Eames designed, indoor and outdoor cafe table for breakout areas.

  • Tip Table

    Tip Table

    Tip Table is available in Oak or American Walnut with a veneered aluminium honeycomb top.

  • Hilde Meeting Table

    Hilde Table

    Hilde is a table that acts as a desk - or a desk that can also be used as a table.

  • Blanche Table Large

    Table Blanche

    Table Blanche, designed by Ann Demeulemeester, comes available in a large and small version.

  • Waldo Table

    Waldo Tables

    Waldo Tables are up to 3.4 metres wide. 100+ colours, solid wood edges and optional cable management.

  • Meet Standing Table

    Meet Standing Table

    Meet Standing Table range is a flexible high bar table with Over Easy Connecting table top.

  • Millibar Bar Table rectangular top

    Millibar Bar Table

    The Millibar Bar Table, available with a round or a rectangular top, is great for breakout areas.

  • Cinema round table

    Cinema Table

    Cinema Table for office breakout areas is as dramatically simple as the rest of the Cinema collection.

  • Campus Cafe Air Table

    Campus Cafe Air Table

    Campus Cafe Air Table is a great solution for outdoors use within the Campus Collection.

  • Campus cafe table

    Campus Cafe Table

    Campus Cafe Tables with pedestal base are ideal for breakout areas.

  • Pic tables

    Pic Table

    Pic is a versatile table which can be used in a lounge, living room or waiting room.

  • Montmartre Table Range

    Montmartre Tables

    Montmartre table range offer various height and size tables in unicolour.

  • Osprey and Shrug Stools

    Osprey Tables

    Osprey Tables and bench seating can be used for breakout spaces, dining and meetings.

  • Jura Table

    Jura Tables

    Jura Tables offer a range a various height and size options - up to 1.5m long - in over 100 colours.

  • Waldo 45 Table and Bench Seating

    Waldo 45 Tables

    Waldo 45 Tables and bench seating with distinct 45 degree mitred corners. Available in a range of sizes.

65 Item(s)