Who we are?

BULO are a furniture manufacturer based in Mechelen, Belgium, an area that historically had a strong reputation for craftsmanship. Established over 50 years ago BULO is associated with real design, not the ordinary, not the expected but with an inspired vision for contemporary working solutions.

Bulo Workshop
Bulo Workshop

Our furniture

Fundamentally BULO furniture focuses on the human perspective, combined with strong aesthetics; the result stimulates and provokes the imagination. In doing so the individual and the traditional workplace are re-invented to provide an environment which exudes a contented and sustainable productivity. Bulo's particular forte lies in bespoke designs by virtue of their in-house veneering complex and artisan workshop.

Bulo and your office

BULO always welcomes opportunities to share our experiences and ideas with you, understanding the importance of the overall appearance of the office to a company’s identity as well as to the comfort of its staff. We offer something more than fulfilment of functional requirements in the office. BULO has established ranges of furniture, which add to the quality of working life both for the individual and the organisation.

Bulo Carpenter's Hands