Bosse Over The Years

Günter Bosse established Bosse Design in 1960s, in Höxter/Stahle, and concentrated on developing innovative dividing walls for rooms and offices.

In 1970s, Bosse developed the first room-in-a-room solution that was independent of a building's structure. As a pioneer in this field, Bosse's products proved particularly successful in 1980s, with Deutsche Telekom's shop-in-shop areas. The following decade saw Bosse take on a new international dimension by becoming part of the Dauphin Group and launched its modul space system on the market.

In the Heart of Germany

Bosse manufactures its products in Höxter in the heart of Germany. Whether you are looking for office furniture or dividing walls, they make no compromises when it comes to quality - demonstrating the attention to detail which is so typical of the company. With their production facilities they produce designer and high-tech meets hand-made furniture.


We live in an era where it is important to use natural resources responsibly.Whether in an office, at home or in a factory which produces goods, the environment counts! Bosse manufactures only high-quality furnishings which have a high utility value and are designed to last. This benefits people and the environment, our children and our children's children, and the present and the future.