Boardroom Tables

Quality Boardroom tables specially selected from our supplier’s or custom made meeting table solutions tailored to your boardroom requirements. Aprés furniture offer contemporary conference room table concepts that reflect your businesses’ principles and success, making all your boardroom decisions un-questionable.

With a variety of modern boardroom table designs to choose from we make your choices easier when relaying your table brief and requirements. We offer a range of conference table solutions with numerous table base styles, table top shapes and the option to have the table top finished in a material of your choice. Our boardroom table’s tops can be specified in either real wood veneers, mfc, linoleum, glass or marble and it doesn’t end there.

Apres can also supply integrated power and data made specific for your requirements. Our complete range of conference room furniture have solutions to accommodate as few people as possible starting from 6 to larger groups up to 58 people.

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  • P80 Office Meeting Tables

    P80 Meeting Tables

    P80 Conference Tables are high-end office meeting tables for executives with a unique contemporary aesthetic.

  • Kyo Float Meeting Table

    Kyo Float Meeting Table

    Kyo Float Meeting Table with toughened glass legs makes this a beautiful table

  • Concrete Conference Table

    Concrete Conference Table

    Concrete Conference Tables made to measure and to your specification for your office.

  • Reflex Conference Table

    Reflex Conference Table

    Reflex Conference Tables are modern elegant meeting room solutions for executive decisions.

  • Table Xtra Large

    Table Xtra Large

    Table Xtra Large is a table without boundaries in the modern open plan office perfect for hotdesking

  • Ahrend 1200 Edition Table

    Ahrend 1200 Edition Tables

    Ahrend 1200 Edition management table range of work, conference and video-conferencing table solutions.

  • Corsair Office Meeting Table

    Corsair Meeting Table

    Corsair is a bespoke timber custom made folding meeting table. Winner of a Design Guild Mark in 2013.

  • Custom Made Conference Table

    Custom Made Conference Tables

    Our conference tables are tailor made office furniture pieces to suit any bespoke requirement.

  • Alberto Meda MedaMorph Meeting Room Table

    MedaMorph Table System

    MedaMorph Table System allows customer preferences in terms of leg room and aesthetic appearance.

  • Eames Tables

    Eames Meeting Tables

    Eames Meeting Tables available in various sizes or can be custom made for your office needs.

  • Logon Tables

    Logon Tables

    Logon tables can be utilised in meeting rooms and for large-scale conference layouts.

  • Travis Conference Table System

    Travis Conference Tables

    Travis Meeting Table has a modular frame structure which allows for customised solutions for your office.

  • M10 Meeting Table by Forma 5

    M10 Meeting Table

    M10 Meeting Tables are formal and elegant, for spontaneous or arranged meetings in the office.

  • Mastermind Folding Table

    Mastermind Folding Table

    Mastermind Folding Table is a multi-functional conference and meeting room table solution .

  • Campus conference table system in white

    Campus Conference Table

    Campus Conference Tables can be linked and will offer plenty of flexibility to your office.

  • atlas rectangular table

    Atlas Conference Table

    The Atlas Table offers a mix of elegance with strength, great for a meeting room.

  • Parallel Group Executive Conference Table

    Parallel Group Table

    Parallel Group Table is fitted with a flip door comprising an integrated cable raceway. Available in a range of sizes.

  • Ono Meeting Tables

    Ono Meeting Tables

    Ono Tables have an elegant central column with branching feet for robust support. Optional integral power outlet.

  • Eona Chilli Tables

    Eona Chilli Tables

    Eona Chilli features integrated cable management for office meetings. Made from recycled materials.

  • Smooth Adjustable Tables

    Smooth Adjustable Tables

    Smooth Adjustable Table legs can be positioned anywhere along the concealed support beam.

  • Figure Adjustable Tables

    Figure Adjustable Tables

    Figure Adjustable Tables are available in any size and shape, with legs positioned well clear of associated seating.

  • Antaro Meeting Tables

    Antaro Meeting Tables

    Antaro Meeting Tables offer endless choices for both open office spaces and office rooms.

  • Canvaro Meeting Tables

    Canvaro Meeting Tables

    Canvaro Meeting Tables are height adjustable and offer the latest in ergonomic design for comfort.

  • Rondana Meeting Tables

    Rondana Meeting Tables

    Rondana Meeting Tables are ideal for boardrooms, office meeting rooms and executive conferences.

  • TriASS Boardroom Table

    TriASS Meeting Tables

    TriASS Conference Tables can be extended or reconfigured endlessly. Offers integrated data connectivity.

  • Bond Conference Table by Offecct

    Bond Table

    Bond Conference Table has a minimalistic and discreet design with various finishing options.

  • Kusch+Co 8400 Ona Modular Conference Table

    8400 Ona Desk

    Available in various sizes, the 8400 Ona Tables can suit breakout, meeting or conference rooms within the office.

  • Mehes Meeting Room Table

    Mehes Conference Tables

    Mehes Tables are modular, enabling easy and quick assembly or disassembly, adjustment and expansion.

  • Bespoke Conference Tables

    Bespoke Conference Tables

    Custom Made Conference and Meeting Tables are made to measure for your office requirements.

  • Congress Conference Tables

    Congress Tables

    Congress Table is a custom made and handcrafted meeting and conference room table range for offices.

  • TB 121 Conference Table

    Classic Line Conference Table

    Classic Line TB 121/TB 126 Conference Tables with integrated cable management and movable legs.

  • TB 121 Conference Table

    TB121 Conference Table

    Classic Line TB121 Tables are made out of 1-3 mm strong sheet steel. Durable and easy to maintain.

  • Brunner Spira Conference Table

    Spira Conference Table

    Spira Table can be equipped with the Multimedia Integration System (MIS) for meetings and conferences.

  • State Conference Tables linked

    State Conference Table

    State Meeting Table is a practical concept desk, solid and reliable, with optional Multimedia Integration System.

  • Apollo Conference Table

    Apollo Conference Table

    Apollo Conference Table in round, elliptical, oval, square or rectangle shapes and cable management.

  • Diamond Meeting Table

    Diamond Meeting Table

    Diamond Conference Tables are beautifully finished range of modern office meeting room tables.

  • Tao Meeting Tables

    Tao Meeting Tables

    Tao Meeting Room Tables are available in a range of sizes, for small office meetings to boardroom and conference solutions.

49 Item(s)