About aeris

Josef Glöckl founded the aeris company in 1996. The following year he presented a world innovation to the public: his new three-dimensional seat the Swopper. With this, Josef Glöckl had opened up a completely new line of attack against the number one public health concern: backache. The numerous awards won by the Swopper, considered as a revolutionary active seat, and the rising sales led Aeris to start up its own production.

The 100,000th Swopper was sold in 2004 and in 2006 another active-dynamic seat was added to the portfolio: Muvman - the active seat for standing/sitting. Since 2008 children of the age of 4 and above can also enjoy healthy sitting on the Swoppster 3D active swivel stool. The most innovative office chair in the world, the 3Dee Active Office Chair, joined the Aeris active seat programme in autumn 2012.

Josef Glockl
Aeris Seating

Sit-Stand: Active-Dynamic Seating

Ergonomics deals, among other things, with the adaptation of technology and our working environment. The aim of ergonomics is to configure living and working conditions to further our health whilst working and thus sustain general performance - taking into account anatomical, physiological, psychological and physical aspects. Whereas it was previously thought that there is ONE correct sitting posture, today we know that the human being is born to move and should never assume permanent postures. If you are permitted to behave naturally, you never assume such postures, but slightly move all the time.

That is why today dynamic sitting is considered to be the most natural way to sit and therefore the healthiest. Dynamic sitting means that you change your sitting position as often as possible. Sitting should permit you to move your body very slightly all the time.