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Office Bricks Phone Booth

Office Bricks Phone Booth

We recently teamed up with Office Bricks from Germany, and are now the sole providers of their superior acoustic booths to the UK. Office Bricks Phone Booth has been designed to be an innovative, space saving and sound-insulating capsule that gives the user privacy to do tasks that require quiet. Sporting a 45db rating the booth will also render the conversation that happens inside the Office Bricks Phone Booth inaudible to those on the outside.

At 1200 x 900mm the Office Bricks Phone Booth is the smallest in the Office Bricks’ range, but still give one user enough room to comfortably bunk down for a couple of hours’ concentrated and focused work. The booths come with an integrated desk, space for a bar or leaning stool, working light and electric fan for fresh air circulation. The phone booth offers all the power and data connections you would expect from a modern office amenity and range from electric sockets and Ethernet ports to USB slots to charge your devices.

Office Bricks Phone Booth office-bricks-phone-booth-02

Being modular in nature, these booths are ideal for agile working spaces, co-working offices or public spaces like airports, universities or libraries where users often require an escape from the hustle and bustle.

Office Bricks Phone Booths are available in a wide range of colours and can be customised with logo milling or texture printing.

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