Unique and design-conscious

Isomi sets a new standard in production furniture. Providing a range of unique, design-conscious furniture solutions for public spaces, Isomi’s values are underpinned by an intimate understanding of materials and process, and a dedication to the highest quality in design and production.

Isomi furniture production
Isomi desk in Museum of London

Practical reception solutions

Working with the architect, designer and contractor firmly in mind, Isomi’s reception furniture solutions offer a seamless combination of refined, contemporary form with highly practical function.


Isomi takes its name from isomer, from the Greek meaning ‘equal part’ — the chemical term for two or more compounds with the same molecular formula, but different in their arrangement. Isomi provides solutions which are consistent in their make-up, with a versatility that allows limitless application.

Isomi Puerto Venecia, Spain, project

Isomi Designers