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Wiege Furniture Designs

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  • Neos Office Chair

    Neos Office Chair

    Neos Office Chair offers superb ergonomics with 3D flexible backrests and automatic synchro-adjustment.

  • On Task Chair

    On Task Chair

    On Task Chair office seating promotes movement with its three-dimensional swivel points.

  • Cubis Upholstered Armchair

    Cubis Armchairs

    Cubis Armchairs are a comfortable seating solution to be used within a foyer, reception area or lobby.

  • Travis Conference Table System

    Travis Conference Tables

    Travis Meeting Table has a modular frame structure which allows for customised solutions for your office.

  • Contas Folding Tables

    Contas Folding Tables

    Contas Table range are light and flexible conference table systems. Stackable, foldable and linkable.

  • Modus Management Chair

    Modus Executive Chairs

    Modus Executive Chairs are high end ergonomic seats, designed for prestigious clients.

  • Modus Conference Chairs

    Modus Conference Chairs

    Modus Medium Conference Chairs are modern and very comfortable seating for office use and meeting rooms.

  • Modus Compact Office Chairs

    Modus Compact Office Chairs

    Modus Compact Office Chairs with lumbar support and optional height-adjustable armrests.

  • Modus Basic Office Chairs

    Modus Basic Office Chairs

    Modus Basic Office Chair is a swivel or four-legged seat with ergonomically shaped backrest.

  • Neos Cantilever Chairs - white frame

    Neos Cantilever Chairs

    Neos Cantilever Chair is stackable, so it is ideal for conferences, office meetings and training rooms. Fabric or leather.

  • Confair Lectern with Front Panel and Desk Top

    Confair Lectern

    Confair Lectern is a light presentation desk for modern educational environments.

11 Item(s)