Shiro Kuramata

Shiro Kuramata (1934-1991) once said "My strongest desire is to be free of gravity, free of bondage. I want to float.” Just like him, his designs were a continuous thread of dematerialization; this... Read more

Shiro Kuramata

Shiro Kuramata Furniture Designs

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  • Kuramata  Bookshelf

    Kuramata Bookshelf

    Kuramata Bookshelf combines design and function beautifully. Each storage section differs in size.

  • Homage to Mondrian Cabinet by Cappellini

    Homage To Mondrian

    Homage To Mondrian wheeled storage units are modern cabinets with doors or drawers.

  • Progetti Compiuti Side 1

    Progetti Compiuti Chest of Drawers

    Progetti Compiuti Chest of Drawers has three different versions: horizontal, vertical and cubic.

  • Pyramid Chest Of Drawers by Cappellini

    Pyramid Chest of Drawers

    Pyramind Chest of Drawers offers 17 different size drawers in black acrylic resin and transparent structure.

  • Revolving Cabinet

    Revolving Cabinet

    Revolving Cabinet is a red polished acrylic chest of 20 drawers with a metal support for a stunning aesthetic.

5 Item(s)