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Shea + Latone Furniture Designs

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  • Liberty Mesh Office Chair

    Liberty Mesh Office Chair

    Liberty Mesh Office Task Chair offers ergonomic seating comfort. Award winning design.

  • Diffrient Work Light Two Double Arm

    Diffrient Work Light

    Diffrient Work Desk Lamp made of recycled aluminium has a traditional screw-in socket.

  • Diffrient Technology Light by Humanscale

    Diffrient Technology light

    Diffrient Desk Light combines energy efficiency, ergonomics, engineering precision and style.

  • FM500K Foot Rocker

    FM500 Foot Rocker

    FM500 Foot Rocker eases lower back pressure when sitting by providing support for legs and feet.

  • Access Rail A11

    Access Rail System

    Access Rail is configurable rail system that adds space to any desk or workstation.

  • M4 Monitor Arm T

    M4 Monitor Arms

    M4 Monitor Arm has an extended 14" range of finger-tip height and depth adjustment for your office.

  • M7 Monitor Arm 3

    M7 Monitor Arms

    M7 Monitor Arm is the most easily adjustable, stable and elegant line of flat panel monitor arms on the market.

  • Freedom Saddle Stools 4

    Freedom Saddle Stool

    Freedom Saddle is a height adjustable stool and one of the most comfortable and healthy ways to sit!

  • Freedom Office Chairs by Niels Diffrient

    Freedom Task Chair

    Freedom Office Task Chairs by Niels Diffrient offer advanced ergonomic advantages such as weight-sensitive recline.

  • Liberty Side Chairs

    Liberty Side Chairs

    Liberty Side Chairs feature a slim sculpted seat and lumbar support for seating comfort.

  • Diffrient Task Light Single Arm

    Diffrient Task Light II

    Diffrient Task Light Two adjustable office desk lamp supports the latest ballast-in-bulb technology.

11 Item(s)