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  • Ahrend 450 School Desks

    Ahrend 450 Desks

    Ahrend 450 School Desks are suitable for classrooms, study centres or multi-media libraries.

  • Ahrend 452 School Desk

    Ahrend 452 Tables

    Ahrend 452 School Desks are great for one-to-one tutoring and classroom environments.

  • Tutor Stacking Tables + Trolley

    Tutor Tables

    Tutor Desks are single-person stacking tables for training and education. Complements 40/4 Stacking Chair.

  • Screenbox Desk

    Screenbox Computer Desks

    Screenbox is a dual purpose desk that integrates a standard LCD flatscreen computer.

  • 8000 Series Table

    8000 Series Tables for Children

    8000 Children Tables are made using a unique technology - without using tenons, screws or dowels

  • Map Tables

    Map Tables

    Map Tables are a great solution for modern training and meeting rooms. Easy to move and stack after use.

6 Item(s)