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  • Ahrend 452 School Chair

    Ahrend 452 Chairs

    The versatility of the Ahrend 452 school chairs allow for various classroom configurations.

  • Ray Ergonomic School Chair

    Ray Chair

    Ray Ergonomic School Chairs have been carefully designed following a Phd thesis. A unique offering.

  • Swoppster Children's Stools

    swoppster children's stool

    The swoppster children's stool was designed in response to the need for movement at primary school age.

  • Luke Pearson sitting on SixE Training Chair

    SixE Training Chair

    SixE Chair: Ergonomic, Efficient, Elegant, Environmental, Economic and Ease of handling. Ideal for training, with optional tablet.

  • Working Girl Stacking Stools

    Working Girl Stools

    Working Girl are contemporary stacking high, medium and low stools in a range of frame colours.

  • 8000 Series Chairs Stackable

    8000 Series Chairs for Children

    8000 Series Chairs has a patented joint; no tenons, screws or dowels for strength and flexibility.

  • Newton Stacked Educational Chairs

    Newton Chair

    Newton Chair is an educational seating solution with a two tilt sitting position.

  • Tip Ton Chairs

    Tip Ton Chair

    Tip Ton Chair has forward-tilt, helping straighten the pelvis and spine and improves circulation.

  • Cobra Visitors Chairs

    Cobra Stacking Chair

    Cobra Stacking Chair for training rooms is available in wood, plastic or can be upholstered.

  • Apres Stack Chairs

    Apres Stack Chair

    Apres Stack Chair has the ability to be stacked up to 45 high and can be stored on a mere 0,6 m2!

  • Hip Up Multi-Purpose Stacking Chairs

    Hip Up Stacking Chairs

    Hip Up Stacking Chairs provide ergonomic support and are available in various colours.

  • Ricciolina Chairs Stacked

    Ricciolina Training Chairs

    Ricciolina Training Chairs are robust yet flexible, with ergonomic back support for correct posture.

Items 1 to 12 of 16 total View All

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