Marcel Breuer

Born in 1902 in the provincial city of Pecs in Hungary, Marcel Breuer started to develop his designing skills at an early age. While studying at the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau, in... Read more

Marcel Breuer

Marcel Breuer Furniture Designs

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  • Cesca Cane Chairs from Breuer

    Cesca Cane Chairs

    Cesca Cane Chairs, by Breuer, with handwoven cane inserts, wood frame seat and backrest.

  • S 285 Steel Desk Jet Black Lacquer

    S 285 Steel Desk

    S 285 Steel Desk drawers boast a self-closing drawer track and are also available in a mirror-inverted version.

  • S 35 Club Chair

    S 35 Club Chair

    S 35 Club Chair's seat, backrest and footstool is stretched with black full-grain core leather or brown buffalo hide.

  • S 32 Chair with Rattan Back

    S 32 Chair

    S 32 Cantilever Chairs by Marcel Breuer are probably the most famous and of the tubular steel classics.

  • Set B 9 Nesting Tables Set

    Set B 9 Nesting Tables

    Set B 9 Nesting Tables are a classic tubular steel design from Marcel Breuer.

  • Laccio Tables

    Laccio Tables

    Laccio Tables by Marcel Breuer are available in white, black and red laminate.

  • Cesca Chairs by Knoll

    Cesca Chairs

    Cesca Chairs use a light gauge steel tubing with resilient form. Upholstered with Spencer textile.

  • B 22a Shelving Unit

    B 22 Shelves

    B 22a Shelves are of equal height within the classic tubular design. B 22b are height appropriate for folders.

  • Set B 97 Nesting Tables

    Set B 97 Nesting Tables

    Set B 97 tables can be pulled over the edge of a sofa, armchair, chaise longue or bed for convenience.

  • S 43 Chair Stackable

    S 43 Chair

    S 43 Tubular Steel Cantilever Chairs offer flexibility which provides comfort without the need for upholstery.

10 Item(s)