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  • Repeat Pillows

    Repeat Pillows

    Repeat are made with feathers and polyurethane foam. Fabric: Maharam, New York.

  • Bretagne 2 Seater Sofa

    Bretagne Sofa

    Bretagne Soft Seating has generously deep and comfortable seats. Ideal for lounge and breakout spaces.

  • Bebop Sofa 3 Seater

    Bebop Sofa

    Bebop Soft Seating has an elegant and balanced design ensuring maximum comfort for guests and visitors.

  • Austen Armchair and Sofa

    Austen Sofa

    Austen Lounge Seating is available as a two or three seat sofa, and as an armchair.

  • Massimosistema Sofa

    Massimosistema Sofa

    Massimosistema Sofa modular units includes chaise-longue and peninsula. With or without armrests.

  • Cassiopea Sofa

    Cassiopea Sofa

    Cassiopea multifunctional soft seating is modular and adaptable to your needs, with various configurations.

  • Polo Sofa and Chaise Longe

    Polo Sofa

    Polo Sofa is a flexible and functional modular sofa system, ideal for lounge or reception areas

  • Dehors Sofa

    Dehors Sofa and Armchair

    Dehors Outdoors Soft Seating is available as armchair, sofa and dormeuse versions.

  • Basket 011

    Basket 011 Soft Seating

    Basket 011 comfortable lounge seating with visible metal structure and removable covers.

  • Orazio Sofa

    Orazio Sofa

    Orazio classic yet modern lounge sofa has long, soft cushions to cover the armrests for improved comfort.

  • 348 Notturno a New York Sofa

    348 Notturno a New York

    348 Notturno a New York is a structural modernist sofa with high-definition "tapestry".

  • 288 Sled Sofa

    288 Sled Sofa

    288 Sled Sofa has a distinctive design with unique back support doubling as a optional shelving and drawers.

  • Fairfax Sofa by Boss Design

    Fairfax Sofa and Armchair

    Fairfax Sofa and Armchair with low backrest luxury upholstery in fabrics or leather.

  • Layla Modular Seating System Corner Unit

    Layla Landscape Seating

    Layla soft seating includes: corner, right & left hand unit, chair, sofa, and bench.

  • Tom, Dick & Harry Armchairs

    Tom, Dick & Harry Armchairs

    Tom, Dick & Harry Seating are armchairs for reception, lounge or breakout areas. Made in Britain.

  • Quadra Modular Sofa

    Quadra Sofa

    Quadra Soft Seating has a seasoned beechwood main frame, polyurethane foam and dracon padding.

Items 1 to 16 of 86 total View All

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