Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love is an internationally acclaimed design studio operating from Stockholm. Started in 2005 by the trio of Jonas Pettersson, John Löfgren and Petrus Palmér. ... Read more

Form Us With Love

Form Us With Love Furniture Designs

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  • Button Spare Parts Edition Stools

    Button Spare Parts Stools

    Button Spare Parts Stools are ideal for playful soft seating breakout spaces, libraries or receptions.

  • Piccolo Coffee Table

    Piccolo Table

    Piccolo Table is unique side or coffee table with two different height tops. Frame in white or black powder coating.

  • Lobby Bench

    Lobby Bench

    Lobby Bench can serve as a temporary workplace environments, informal meeting spaces and breakout areas.

  • Plaid Room Divider

    Plaid Screen Room Dividers

    Plaid is an unconventional line, allowing more flexibility than traditional screens.

4 Item(s)