Since 1959

Campeggi is one of the first furniture manufacturers producing multifunctional and convertible furniture in the world. Since 1959 the company has been producing sofas that become beds. In 1969 he started with the production of multifunctional objects, known for its communicative and design elements, Campeggi is described through its brand (Unimark), its catalogues (Italo Lupi together with Steven Guarnaccia), its layout (Denis Santachiara, its head-office (Guido Canali) and in particular through its products (Denis Santachiara, Vico Magistretti, Giulio Manzoni, Lorenzo Damiani, Giovanni Levanti, and the younger ones Sakura Adachi, Tobias Fraenzel, Paolo Imperatori, Emanuele Magini). Many different shapes connected by a “fil rouge” which defines the company’s image and its identity. Design movement, as well as being the collections figure, has become the brand’s mission able to experiment, change and turn into something without becoming anything other than itself. This is the waythe transformation performance is applied to new typologies, It is open to change and functional hybrids, it is structured with new technologies and sophisticated mechanisms that enables transformation with simple gestures, and allows the humble objects from the closet to be reclaimed.

Campeggi Factory
Campeggi Manufacturing Plant

Things Are Changing

In order to avoid boredom of acquired positions, to overcome stillness of static positions, to restart desires and pleasures, Campeggi is imagining a bright and dynamic universe full of objects ready to be moved or transformed in order to comply with your pleasure of dwelling, living and changing. To speed up before a yawn, Campeggi is proposing you its own dictionary made of Comfort, Agility, Movement, Practicableness, Economy, Gracefulness, Game and always Inexhaustible.