Airflake Acoustic Panels

Airflake Acoustic Wall Tiles

Airflake Acoustic Panels are decorative sound absorbing screen solution made from compressed felt fibre. Individual Airflake acoustic panels can be configured and linked together to form a single colour or multi-coloured hanging acoustic curtain. The modular Airflake acoustic panel system is built around the shape of snowflake in a variety of designs and colours, which can be freely combined to create the screen. The Airflake tiles come in a variety of designs such as blade open and blade closed or even Airflake news which can be used to hang magazines or corporate literature.

Airflake acoustic tiles allow you to compose a variety of designs which can then be hung from the ceiling forming a decorative room divider to section off a area or to define a breakout space or informal meeting area within the open office. You can even hang your Airflake acoustic screen from a curtain rail be it straight or curved along any wall.

For more information on the Airflake panels or advise please feel free to contact us.

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Airflake Acoustic Panel

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