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  • Soundwave Swell Acoustic Panels

    Swell Acoustic Wall Panels

    Swell Acoustic Wall Panels are specifically designed to enhance the acoustic properties of any interior.

  • Aircone Acoustic Panels

    Aircone Acoustic Panels

    Aircone acoustic panels are made from compression-moulded fabric-covered fibre

  • Soundwave Planter

    Soundwave Planter

    Soundwave Planter is a flower box designed to complement the Soundwave® acoustic system.

  • Soundwave Screen White Magnetic Glass Board

    Soundwave Screen

    Soundwave Screen combines a projection surface and a white magnetic glass board,

  • Soundwave Stand

    Soundwave Stand

    Soundwave Stand is an acoustic panel placed in a discreet frame. Creating infinite combinations.

  • Soneo Floor Screen

    Soneo Screens

    Soneo Screen range is a collection of floor and desk panels made from solid wood with acoustic coverings.

  • Acoustic Wall Panel Shelf

    Soundwave Shelf

    Soundwave Shelf offers the possibility of creating Soundwave acoustic interiors with integrated storage.

  • Bella Decorative Acoustic Panels

    Bella Acoustic Wall Panel

    Soundwave Bella Acoustic Wall Panels is a lightweight sound buffer in the upper frequency range (500 Hz+).

Items 1 to 12 of 23 total View All

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